Skip the pain distractions.
Go for the real heal.

Rather than masking your pain, NeoRelief alternative pain relief products work with your body’s natural healing abilities at the source of your discomfort.

97% natural pain relief.
0% counterirritants.
100% well-selected ingredients.

No irritating stinging, cooling, or burning. No dyes or perfumes. Choose soothing relief from our non-staining topical pain relief gels and creams blended with well-selected active botanicals and minerals. That’s a purity you can see and feel.
Yellow flower and flower buds with yellow stamen and black flecks to represent natural healing

Alternative pain relief products targeting today's pain and everyday pain.

NeoRelief promotes healing and provides temporary relief for life’s aches and pains. Head to toe you might say.

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Can you relate?

I love NeoRelief for Muscle Cramping and Restlessness. I started back training after a few months off and NeoRelief has been a lifesaver. Also, my mother-in-law had knee surgery and NeoRelief for Pain keeps her sane.

Elliott Jolivette, Ninja Warrior

First thing was the smell...what smell!? This actually surprised me. This is odorless. It comes out in kind of a runny gel with no smell. It usually takes 3-4 days for my muscles to feel 'regular' again after playing sports. I can say that the next day my arm felt good again without soreness. Eliminating a few days of discomfort for taking 10-20 seconds to apply some gel - I'll take that!

David Guillory

We love this product, and our customers have given us tremendous feedback on the relief they have experienced after using it!

Natural View Market, Brighton, Mich.
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We love exceeding expectations

Aside from our 97% natural pain relief ingredients, we use mild preservatives citric acid and potassium sorbate, and a high-quality bonding ingredient carbopol ultrez 10 polymer that’s gluten free, paraben free, and soy free. See its rating on

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