Similar to the deep down, transdermal healing of many of our products, The Healing Well blog shares a deep dive of information on active, healthy living that’s less hindered by pain.


woman practicing yoga on top of building, looking out over city

Should I Use Topical or Oral Pain Relief?

Living a mindful lifestyle means selecting what substances to allow into your body. Making smart, fact-based choices avoids unnecessary exposure to harmful elements that can

Woman with a headache massaging temples representing symptom that could be improved by NeoRelief for Pain

Today’s headache pain relief alternatives

Society’s go-to treatment method for headache pain relief continues to be over-the-counter (OTC) oral medications. However, studies show OTC painkillers — not just opioids —

Young basketball player experiencing joint pain

Joint pain relief after sports injuries

Joint pain can be incredibly frustrating; especially when it keeps you sidelined from the activities you enjoy most. While there are many causes of joint

This is our little space on the web to provide you with educational information and talk about pain management and natural health. It’s not intended to replace medical recommendations, advice, diagnosis, or treatment by trained professionals but we’d love for you to share our information with those in your life who would benefit from this information. As always, please consult with a medical professional with any questions regarding your health concerns.


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