Why give pain a second thought? Choose from four topical pain relief gels and creams that boost your body’s natural healing. We want you to be able to try our products for as close to free as possible. Our sample packs are just $2.50 or $3.50 each, with free shipping!

Grab and Go

$2.50 + Free Shipping

$3.50 + Free Shipping

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You get some choice in how you heal. By targeting your pain with a bit of garden-to-medicine cabinet gentleness, you’ll experience a purity you can see and feel.

  • Healing without masking pain
  • Soothing without burning, cooling, or tingling
  • Easily absorbed and alcohol free
  • Non-staining clear and light-colored formulas
  • Free of perfumes
  • Non-addictive and low risk of side effects frequently associated with pain relief products

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